Covid - 19 Response

Some worship services have started again with appropriate measures.

St Mary's is gathering at 10 am for a family communion service.

St Aiden's is gathering at 9:00 am for both Prayer and Holy Communion services.

St John's is gathering at 9:00 am for both Prayer and Holy Communion services.

Register for Movement online to access up to date information. Movementonline.org.nz

Who are we?

We are a group of ordinary people being family together.  We acknowledge that Jesus is the centre of our lives together and we aspire to live by a set of  Kawa and Tikanaga or values and practices listed here.

  • The love of Christ comes before all else.  Without Christ nothing makes sense, with Christ all things are possible.

  • Prayer will lie at the heart of the parish life. It will hold everything together and it will sustain every other activity. We will covenant to pray for each other and for the parish and for our community.

  • We will always speak well of each other.

  • We will always believe the best of each other.

  • Both 'traditional' and 'fresh expressions' of worship are equally valued.

  • We will be intentional about being a united parish family within the diocese. We show this unity by coming together on occasions and special events to worship, encourage, support and simply spend time with each other.

Our three parish churches; St Mary's Levin, St John's Ohau and St Aidan's Waitarere.  See Maps of our locations

email the Parish office at reception@levinanglicanchurch.com


Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals

Please contact the parish office on  06 368 5987 weekdays 8:30-12.

Seasonal celebrations

Christmas, Easter week and Pentecost , also irregular 5th Sundays services - click here for more detail.

Refreshed project

Has been created by Greenhouse Pioneer mission and supported by Levin Anglican Parish. The project is called Refreshed.co.nz - An Employment and training project.  It teaches novice workers skills to design objects of meaning from recycled materials for sale to create income, job readiness and improve self esteem.

 Levin Anglican Parish 2018 created with Wix.com

Call us:

06 3685987

Find us: 

3 Manchester St, Levin

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